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WATCH: Shimon Peres in Operation Thunderbolt

WATCH: Shimon Peres at 54 in Operation Thunderbolt

Shimon Peres was 93 when he died today after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage two weeks ago. We thought of him as young at heart. But once upon a time, he was actually young.

In 1977, a much younger Shimon Peres had a cameo appearance in an Israeli film about Operation Entebbe. The movie’s English title is Operation Thunderbolt, but to Israelis, the movie (and the operation) will always be known as Mivtza Yonatan, after the brother of Binyamin Netanyahu. (Yoni Netanyahu was killed during the daring rescue attempt to free the Israeli hostages held captive in Entebbe.)

Shimon Peres would have been 54 at the time this movie was made. The movie isn’t a great one, but one that Israelis love. It’s part of our popular culture, and carved into our hearts. It expresses our national pride, our Israeli chutzpah in the face of extreme danger, because “ein breira,” there was “no choice.”

We don’t leave our people twisting in the wind, at the mercy of ANYONE.

So we all love that corny old movie. And I always get a kick out of seeing a young Shimon Peres. His nemesis, Rabin, is also there, as are some other more obscure politicians. See how many you can spot. I have the starting time set where Shimon Peres makes his entrance, but really, watch the whole thing.

You see Shimon briefly at 1:39:33 in the movie, as well.

He was always debonair, even in jeans and a casual jacket.

Rest in peace, Shimon Peres

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WATCH: Six Years of Footage. All Israel, All the Time

“Six years of footage in three minutes? That sounds cool.”

It’s what I thought when my son Natan sent me his latest video. Of course, I’m biased, being that I’m his mom and all. But seriously, this clip is all kinds of awesomeness.

And now that I’ve got my own domain, I am most certainly going to use this space to brag about my son, the videographer. Why not?

After all, six years of footage is some kind of accomplishment, right?

Natan sent the video with the following description:

My 2016 showreel. (This is footage shot over 6 years. Here’s to many more.)

תיק עבודות לשנת 2016 חומרים שצילמתי לאורך 6 שנים, מקווה לעוד שנים רבות.

The truth is, I’m pretty critical. And I don’t hold back. If Natan sent me something I didn’t like, I’d tell him so.

But this one? It’s just sucked me in and had me RIGHT THERE in the palm of its hand (does footage have hands??) for the entire 3 minutes.

I watched the clip, just frozen in place, breathless, and I was like “WOW.”

So here’s why I like, no LOVE, this clip: it really gives you a sense of Israeliness, a big taste of Israeli culture; it goes all over the place but somehow manages to hold together well–it GELS; the footage itself is really cool (check out the dancing at 2:47 that looks like a black and white snake weaving around a giant ballroom); and finally, the way Natan put it all together so seamlessly. I mean: can you spell s-m-o-o-t-h?


Of course, he IS my son.

But it’s good, right? (Of course, right!)

Check out Natan’s Facebook page. (Nu. So maybe you’ll hire him for your next bar mitzvah, or a wedding, or whatever? Use your imagination. But definitely use him.)

WATCH: Tamir Goodman Gave Back a Full College Scholarship

WATCH: Tamir Goodman Gave Back a Full Scholarship

The University of Maryland gave star basketball player Tamir Goodman an ultimatum: play on Shabbos or you’re out.

An orthodox Jew, Tamir didn’t have to think twice. He gave back a full, four-year athletic scholarship to the school that played host to the top-ranked basketball team in the nation. But let him tell you the story in his own words.

Tamir Goodman is aptly (sur)named. At least in my book.

Actually, Tamir Goodman reminds me of another principled athlete (you saw this coming a mile away).

h/t Natan Epstein